Azamgarh is a city in Uttar Pradesh which is named after its founder, Azam who was the son of Vikramajit. It is the headquarters of three other districts, namely Balia, Mau, and Azamgarh. The Durvasa ashram is located near the present-day city of Azamgarh. While the Goddess Sati is said to have exhumed her life at Dakhsha’s yajna. The Gurudwara in Nizamabad has a pair of wooden slippers and dagger Guru Govind Singh.

Azamgarh has a famous mosque of Rajaji Sahab and the temple of Thakurji. There are few historical places in Azamgarh are Dattatreya, Govindsahab, and Avantikapuri. Also, there are a number of colleges for professional studies, like Engineering and Medicine in this city. Our Taxi Service is here to provide you service in Azamgarh also. Now anyone can Hire Taxi Agra to Azamgarh.