Varanasi is a popular pilgrimage for Hindus. This is a city as old as time itself. While the older part of Varanasi, that has thrived on the banks of the river Ganga, is an integral part of the very infrastructure of the city. It has thousands of people flocking there for salvation and purification. Ghats of Varanasi take a pause when the Ganga Aarti takes place in the evening. Also, there is a ceremony of immense grandeur and opulence. The pandits lining up to perform rituals that are no less than a performance for the senses.

The ghats have a certain rhythm to it. It has Narrow maze-like lanes and by-lanes arouse instant intrigue and fascination. While the street art dotting the stretch alongside the ghats makes for a great outpouring of artistic expression. Varanasi boasts of a marvelous architectural heritage. They can be seen in the scores of temples dotting the city. For visiting these places Hire Taxi Agra to Banaras.