Kannauj is situated on the banks of the sacred River Ganges. This city is 80 km far from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.  Kannauj is well known in ancient time as ‘Harsha Vardhan City’. This is perfume city of India. The northern part of India experiences extreme temperatures during summers and winters.  Kannauj also comes under this case. While in the summer months, the temperature soars to 48- to degree Celsius. While in the nights, the temperature becomes bearable, about 28-30 degree Celsius.

The rainfall in Kannauj is moderate so the best time to visit Kannauj is the winter months. The temperature remains somewhere about 7-8 degree Celsius. This time is ideal for a visit as the weather remains pleasant in the day time. Agra Shiv Tour and travels is offering service to Kannauj also. Hire Taxi Agra to Kannoj and get the best facilities during your journey.