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Agra Shiv Tour And Travels We Provide Best Car Rental Services – hire or rent a car one way and outstation, call now +91 9759000249. All Type car available at affordable price .Book online now.

Car Rental

Best Car Rental Service Provider : Imagine never having to worry about getting back home, after a long tiring day, because you know that your outstation cab will be waiting for you.

Now, picture arriving on time for your meeting because you can track the progress of your cab.

With one way and outstation cab, this is exactly what you can have. With just a few taps on your phone, this service will arrange the best cab according to your requirements. And you don’t even have to worry about traffic or parking fees.

We offer you the next generation in car rentals. We are the go-to in providing taxi and car rental services in India. Our car rental services are very simple to operate. You can book your car rental at your fingertips. 

With Agra Car Rental, you can enjoy the perfect trip with your family and loved ones. We are having well-trained drivers who will help you throughout your trip guiding you to all the popular tourist spots making your visit a memorable experience.

Quick, Affordable And Reliable Car Rental

Trying to find the best affordable car rental in Agra, India? Look no further! We offer a wide range of well-maintained cars to suit your needs. With a fleet of 5000+ cars in our garage, we have a car for everyone!

Book your car rental to explore the best scenic locations in Agra. With us, you can book a cab or taxi at an affordable price with just a few taps. We are the quickest, most reliable, and most affordable service provider in your locality.

Agra shiv tour and travels Agra’s No. 1 cab booking platform providing a large base of happy customers. With our car rental services, you can book a taxi in Agra with a driver in just a few simple clicks!

We guarantee you reliable and affordable cabs with a large fleet of cars to choose your desirable car on rent in Agra. Agra has a lot of interesting places to visit during your visit here and it’s best to rent a cabs in Agra for a hassle-free and memorable experience.

Nexus to all modes of transport

If you are looking for a taxi or cab, our company is the nexus to all modes of transport in India. Whether you want to travel outstation or just around town – we offer it all! You can rent vans, buses, luxury cars, SUVs, and convertibles for more affordable rates.

You can also use your customer’s cards to rent cars for them. Carefully research the market to know more about the prices of different cars. 

Travellers usually opt for Agra car rental services because our  services are affordable and convenient compared to local operators.

You can confirm your booking in a few simple clicks, and explore Agra taxi packages.

Be it an important client meeting or just wandering around the city touring all the local attractions, we offer you multiple options at the best car rental rates in Agra.

If you are living in Agra and feel like taking a quick trip to destinations nearby? We have so much to offer that you want to get away from the city chaos. You can also plan a road trip for your upcoming vacation.

This isn’t a bad idea, except you don’t want to be in the driving seat. Simply call us to book a cab in Agra with a driver or use our dynamic car rental services

With our taxi services spread across India and travel in multiple destinations, we strive to organise a memorable journey.

Book the cheapest one way and outstation cabs

What if there was a way to rent a car without all the hassle and expense of owning one? With our website, you can explore any city you’re visiting without having to rely on public transportation, taxis, or ridesharing.

Just pick up your rental car at the airport or at your hotel, then drop it off when you’re done. It’s that easy! If you’ve ever been to a new city and needed to get around but had no car? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be to find a cab or deal with public transportation.

We offer an on-demand one-way car rental service for people in need of an easy and affordable way to get around. We perfect for people visiting a new city, for people who want to avoid the hassle of owning and maintaining a vehicle, or for people who need temporary or one-way car rental services.

You need a car for your outstation weekend getaway, but don’t want to spend time looking for one. We provide the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get a car rental in Agra!

Imagine, you can rent a car online within minutes of booking.Outstation car rental service is an online platform to rent out cars for long-term usage.

With our service, you can rent cars for as many days as you want. You can rent cars of any make and model. We provide taxi services across Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and many more cities.

Still worried about safe and sanitised cars

Agra shiv tour and Travel is the only car rental company in the country that provides a fully vetted fleet with clean records, unlimited mileage, and service. We strive to make sure your trip is as safe and comfortable as possible with affordable rates.

The car industry is one of the most vulnerable industries in the world. It is estimated that about 1 million people die every year in car accidents.

The goal of this section is to explore the importance of safe cars and how they can be achieved. Our drivers are well trained and passed all the mandatory tests to provide all the users with safe and protective rides. 

You just need to search for the right company, pick your destination and book the car. But there are some precautions that you should take before you start your journey.

You should always make sure that the company has a good reputation, so you can be assured of their services. You should also find out if they have santised cars available for rental because this will ensure that your trip will be hassle-free and safe. We are here to provide safe and sanitised cars.

Why should we choose our car rental services?

Outstation taxi service provider

It is a known fact that outstation cabs are more expensive than local ones. So, if you are looking for an affordable outstation cab, then you should go for the Agra. We should always opt for the Agra Car Rental because it is cheaper than other providers. 

Whether it is a vacation or a business trip, Agra Shiv Tour And Travels is here to help. We have a very curated travel plan that will help to make your journey a special one. Agra Shiv Tour And Travels is here to take care of your travel needs.

We are providing chauffeur-driven cabs, top-class travel recommendations, and detailed guides on exploring local destinations are all you need to enjoy every bit of your journey. In order to suit your every requirement, we offer Agra Car Rental for Outstation cabs.

Local cabs

In the past, people would have to rely on public transportation to get from one place to another. But with the rise of ride-hailing apps and websites, people can now use a smartphone app and websites to order an on-demand ride, which is usually cheaper than taking a taxi.

This is the right time to book local car rentals to save your money. It is always a great experience with Agra car rental as we have been discovering ways to make it easier for you to get around! You can spend an entire day exploring the different corners of Agra.

Hire a local car rental in Agra for the whole day and you won’t have to worry about getting from one place to another. Agra car rental will pick you up from the location of your choice and drop you back. 

Airport Taxi

Airport taxis are a popular option for travellers to get to the airport on time. They are usually more affordable than other options and can be booked in advance.

Some travellers prefer airport taxis because they are more affordable and can be booked in advance. However, airport taxis may not be the best option for everyone.

They may not be as reliable as other options, Agra car rental, where you can get the most reliable taxi service in Agra.

There is always traffic when you’re in a hurry to the airport. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your car rental to the airport. We are giving you the facility to pre-book an airport taxi with Agra car rental so you make it on time. 

Find the luxury for Car in Agra

We have a fleet of brand new luxury cars in Agra that will help you to travel in style and comfort that matches your status. Extravagance Cars empower last-mile network and task stunning class, any place you are visiting.

Be guaranteed to get experienced Chauffeurs and premium administrations for your extravagant car rental in Agra. Extravagance Cabs can be reserved for air terminal travel, outstation bundles as well as nearby travel in light of your necessities.

We also provide convenient and cost-effective car rentals in Agra for regular cab usage.If the journey is not stress-free, it is not a vacation. Next time when you are on a holiday make sure you enjoy the benefits you get from Savaari. Here are some:

When you are on your journey cherish every moment with your family, and leave your worries on our experienced drivers. What you need is some lively conversations, travel games, or merely staring out of the window at the changing scenery.

Our services are to provide you free pickup at your doorstep. You can schedule a pickup & drop from your desired location with no zero charges. Our drivers are quite experienced who will guide you to the best spots, eateries and landmarks when you are on vacation.

We are also providing you hassle-free payment options, you can choose to pay after your trip is completed or you can pay in advance to make your trip cashless.

 In case you can change your mind at the last minute, you can cancel your ride. Our car rental from Agra offers excellent services to make your trip remarkable.

Happy Customer’s

I’ve been living in Agra for the last 12 years and Agra shiv tour and travels Car rental services have been my go-to taxi service. Not only are the drivers always on time but they are also always available when I need them. I have tried cabs from other companies, but Agra shiv tour and travel Car Rental is the only one that lives up to my expectations!
Yogesh Yadav
I recently visited Agra and decided to try out the Agra shiv tour and travel Car Rental. I was not disappointed. The drivers were always on time, the car was clean and the prices were affordable, which is hard to find in Agra. I would recommend this taxi service for anyone out there looking for an easy way to get around town!
Kuldeep Baghel
I have been using their services for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. All the other taxi services I have tried were either too expensive or unreliable. Agra shiv tour and travel car rental, on the other hand, is not only affordable but reliable as well. Five stars!
Vijender Faujdar
I’ve been living in Agra for over 5 years now and I can confidently say that Agra shiv tour and travel car rental is by far the best taxi service. The drivers are always on time, the cars are always clean, and they never try to rip you off. They really take care of their customers and I’m so happy to work with such a reliable company!
I don’t usually write reviews but I felt I had to after my experience with Agra shiv tour and travelling car rental. My broker was so helpful and really took the time to ensure I got the best rate possible. The service itself was quick, easy, and affordable. It will be my go-to option for getting around in Agra from now on!
Sugd Singh
I’ve used Agra shiv tour and travel car rental for over five years now and they are by far the best taxi service in Agra. I am always pleased with their promptness and courteous drivers. They were also the first to introduce driver safety apps which I think is just awesome!
Badan Singh
I was on my way to the Taj Mahal and spent more than an hour in traffic trying to find a cab. I decided to rent a car on the fly but needed it for about 8 hours. I found Agra shiv tour and travel car rental on Google and they had what seemed like the best prices around for this long of a time frame. The service matched their reviews- they were prompt.
Rupinder Agrawal
We often need to go from one place to the other and we don’t have a car. So we just call up Agra shiv tour and travel car rental and they give us a car right away. We have been using them for over a year now and their service has been impeccable. I would recommend the Agra shiv tour and travel car rental to anyone who asks.
Yogesh Kumar

Frequently Asked Question

How to Book Car Rental For Any Period Of Time?

Your car rental booking is very convenient for us. Simply call us on +91 9759000249. Our team will book your desired vehicle for as many days as you want.

How much does it cost to use taxi service in Agra?

There is a very minimum charge that customers have to pay in advance before booking the desired vehicle. Car rental booking is very convenient with Agra shiv tours and travels.

What are the benefits of using a taxi service?

Using public transport is not safe these days so it’s better to book a taxi at that cost. Our car rental facilities are very budget-friendly. Anyone can book it at an affordable cost.

How to book The Vehicle of our choice?

You can simply contact our team and describe your requirements to them, if your desired vehicle is available in that slot we will book that for you. Please inform us a few days earlier before the booking car rental

How Can I Book / Hire A Car From Agra shiv tour and travels?

Simply call us our customer care number 9759000249 or visit our website and book your cab from your pick-up location.

For how many days we can book the vehicle, if we want it for a longer period?

Agra shiv tour and travels provide the customers with a wide range of packages to choose from. You can book car rentals from half-day to Long term rentals you can book for any period of time.

After booking, How Can I Pay For My Rental?

Initially you have to pay a few amounts of fare after that You can pay for your car rental by Cash to the Driver or you can use other payment methods such as  Paytm, Phonepe, google pay, and any other UPI methods.

Can I Get A Bill or A Copy Of the Payment received?

Once your payment is done, we will send you a bill either by mail or text message.  After the Final payment, you will get a copy of the bill duly signed and stamped from our driver.

How to Cancel My Reservation, Do I Still Have To Pay after the cancellation?

There will be no charges if you cancel your trip more than 48 hours before the trip. (Transnational charges will be applied to customers.)

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