The itineraries of Agra shiv tour and travels ‘s same-day tours take visitors to the principal tourist attractions of India’s most well-known cities, which showcase the country in its most favourable light. The picturesque cities of India are a real treat for the eyes. Experience the excitement of India’s capital city, the Pink City of Jaipur, and the world-famous city of the Taj Mahal on this first leg of your journey. In the midst of a hectic lifestyle, trips that can be completed in a single day are a godsend. Enjoy a variety of bliss while also paying homage to the diverse traditions of Indian culture.

Find merriment and excitement on an excursion that lasts just one day. To ensure that your time and money are well spent, it is recommended that you book the most authentic tour packages available for the most popular holiday destinations in India. You will travel to a variety of tourist destinations using a variety of different modes of transportation. Delight in the magnificent tour that will tickle all of your senses. With our meticulously planned tour packages, you can experience the splendour, serenity, imperialism, and spirituality of the area. A variety of these short duration tour packages helps you manage leisure even in the rigid work calendar.



One of the oldest cities in the world, Delhi is also the capital of India as well as a bustling international metropolis. An amalgamation of the glorious past, various historical treasures, and vibrant markets. Old and New Delhi come together to form the modern city of Delhi. Old city is a rich amalgamation of Mughal ambitions, and New Delhi is splendid with the creations of Edwin Lutyens and the British Raj. Both cities are located in the Indian capital of Delhi.


You have arrived in the city that is known for its love and romance. The mystic experience can be accessed through the same day Agra tour package. The luxury journey to Agra will make you feel captivated and astounded, while at the same time you will fill your memory bank with memories that you will always cherish and treasure. The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is included in the sightseeing portion of the one-day Agra tour. The Taj Mahal is an immortal legend that will tell you about the effervescence of romance and the joie de vivre of rich heritage. A tour of the Taj Mahal that lasts for a shorter amount of time and departs from Delhi is part of an exclusive package offered by Agra shiv tour and travels. This tour is designed to captivate travellers with India’s renowned hospitality and culinary traditions. Fort that had witnessed the 150 glorious years of the Mughal Dynasty as a residence of Mughal royals has four grand gates to enter and explore the opulence of the Mughal Era. Another attraction of Agra tourism is the Taj Mahal, which is the world’s largest single-arch stone structure.


Welcoming you to the entrancing “Pink City,” which was established in 1699 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, it is our pleasure to have you here. The imperial city is well-known for its magnificent fort and palaces, as well as its pink buildings and its traditional royal way of life.

The Jaipur sightseeing tour begins from your pick-up location, which could be either the airport or the railway station, and includes an experienced tour guide who will provide you with information regarding the rich heritage of the city. This is done in an effort to make your experience of Jaipur tourism as memorable as possible. You will visit the Amber Fort, which is perched atop a hill, during your one-day excursion through Jaipur. You will feel as though you are under a spell as a result of the mesmerising architecture, the gripping engraving on the walls and ceiling of the palace, the intricate mirror work, and the magnificent royal gardens. The visit to the Hawa Mahal and the world-famous solar observatory at Jantar Mantar are both included in the one-day tour package for Jaipur (the palace famous for its charismatic windows and brilliant air vent technique). The enchanting City Palace gives visitors a glimpse into the daily life of the royal family during the golden age, as well as offering large courtyards, entrances with arches, and gardens. The Jaipur day tour features a wide variety of fun activities for guests to enjoy throughout the journey.


You have arrived in the city that the vast majority of Hindu pilgrims go to in order to partake in the ritual of taking a holy bath in Pushkar Lake. Ajmer, which is located on a desolate hillside, has a history that is both interesting and lively, and it is also experiencing a lively present. The starting point for tours that travel from Jaipur to Ajmer on the same day includes not only religious sites but also beautiful temples and mausoleums, as well as the lakes of Pushkar and Ana Sagar. Ajmer city was established in the seventh century A.D. by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan, and it eventually became the centre of many dynasties, each of which left behind enduring antiques that are representative of their culture and tradition in its history. An intriguing combination of Hinduism and Islam, the One day Jaipur to Ajmer tour package offers an enticing mixture of traditions and cultures that are diametrically opposed to one another.