One of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal is located in Agra, about 210 kilometres from Delhi. To visit this magnificent monument, book a Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour for one day, which departs from Delhi. After taking this tour, you will be dropped off at the location of your choice in Delhi. The Agra Fort, which was built by Akbar in 1565 AD and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city, is also included in this itinerary. You might thus gather a bucketful of priceless memories from the Mughal dynasty’s former capital of India. Book your Taj Mahal at Sunrise and Agra Day Tour from Delhi now.

Pick up from your hotel and driver to Agra

Our driver will pick you up at 2 am to avoid the heat. We will driver straightway to Agra through expressway in 3 hours. We will take the shortest route to make your journey shorter.

Arrival at Agra and visit Tajmahal: A symbol of love

When you arrive in Agra, our prearranged guide will take you right to the Taj Mahal. Your tour guide will go into great detail about this spectacular landmark with you during the tour.

Time for Breakfast

Breakfast buffet will be provided at a well-known Agra restaurant.

A visit to Agra fort

For one hour and thirty minutes, you will be in Agra Fort for sightseeing. One of India’s most well-known forts, the Mughal Dynasty’s monarchs resided there before moving their headquarters to Delhi.

A visit to Agra Local Market

demonstration of regional handicrafts from Agra, such as carpet weaving, diamonds, and marble souvenirs.

Return Back to Delhi

You will be driven back to the Delhi location of your choice.

Additional Information

  • The royal tombs are not accessible by wheelchair.
  • Visits to the Taj Mahal at sunrise are subject to climatic or meteorological conditions.
  • Either your passport or a legitimate form of identification must be brought.
  • Travel time is influenced by the time of day and the flow of traffic.