Vrindavan – A Place Of Faith, Love, And Spirituality

Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, situated in the Uttar Pradesh close to Mathura. This is the center of Brijbhoomi, which is divided into two individual units The first part is the eastern part of the Yamuna, and the second part is the western part of Yamuna.  All the places like Gokul, Mahavan, Baldeo, Mat, and Bajna come in the Eastern part of Yamuna while the western part of Yamuna comprises the Mathura region, which includes Vrindavan, Govardhan, Kusum Sarovar, Barsana and Nandgaon. For visiting these temples, You can hire outstation taxi in India.

Vrindavan is one of the major pilgrim hubs where love between Krishna and Radha blossomed. The city comprises numerous temples and shrines in which the famous one is Shri Banke Bihar Mandir. The word Vrindavan comes from the character of Lord Krishna – playful and lovable. Lord Krishna used this word to attract ‘Gopis. People believe that this place certainly purifies the mind, body, and soul of the devotee.

Mathura and Vrindavan both are known for the temples devoted to Krishna. It attracts tourists from all over the world.

List Of Temples in Mathura & Vrindavan

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Shri Krishna Janmabhumi

This is the significant temple of Mathura where Lord Krishna was born. Inside the temple complex, you will come across a little jail, where god took birth, additionally there a stone section means the origination of Lord Krishna. This temple contains various little places of worship.

Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple is viewed as probably the most established temples in Mathura. It was appropriately worked in the nineteenth century by Seth Gokuldass of Gwalior. The temple is completely dedicated to Lord Krishna. In the temple, a lot of bright celebrations are commended consistently, which draws in a few tourists.


According to Hindu Mythology, Kansa had placed his father in jail and usurped the throne. Krishna killed him and set his folks free reestablishing his maternal granddad Ugrasena on the seat. Mathura Rangbhoomi was the observer to the duel where Lord Krishna killed the Kansa. Rangbhumi is a significant spot in Mathura with its noteworthy significance. This is, where Krishna slaughtered Kansa to get his folks free.

Temples in Vrindavan

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Radha Madana Mohana Temple

Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple is a 60-foot high temple that was opened in 1580 on a 50-foot slope called Dvadasaditya Tila, close to the Yamuna. Worked by Ram Das Kapur in line with Sanatana Goswami this was the first temple to be worked in Vrindavan, which around then was only a backwoods. The divinity of Krishna (Madana Mohana) was found by Sanatana Goswami workshopped alongside Madana Mohana are Radharani and Lalita Sakhi.

Govind Dev Temple

Govind Dev Temple is one of the most looked for after sacred places in Vrindavan because of its architecture. It was built in 1590 by Raja Maan Singh of Amer, at an expense of ten million rupees. During the rule of Aurangzeb, it was looted in 1670 and now just a three-celebrated structure remains. The temple is the combination of Indian, Mughal, and western styles of engineering.

Rangaji Temple

Rangaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganath built-in 1851. Ranganath is another form of Lord Krishna. It has a splendid gopuram that reflects the Dravidian style of architecture. There is a 50 feet high gold plated Dhwaja Stambha.

Bankey Bihari Temple

Bankey Bihari temple is devoted to Lord Krishna, built-in 1864. It has a major significance value among Hindus.  The temple is having black stone statue of Lord Krishna. This is the major attraction of the temple that was discovered by the great Krishna devotee Swami Haridas.


ISKCON temples are situated in all over India. ISKCON temple in Vrindavan is one of the most beautiful temples of today. This temple is dedicated to Krishna, his beloved Radha, and Balram.

Mathura is the holiest retreat and one of the visitor places close to Agra. To achieve harmony and grave satisfaction, a short visit to this otherworldly home is inescapable. This is one of the most divine places to visit close to Agra to visit that will assist with inspiring your brain and soul spiritually. For visiting these temples, You can hire outstation taxi in India


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